• Helen

Letters to George

Dear Georgie

Today I seemed to be a little bit ok ... I was up early and have kept busy which has also tired me out.

I think keeping busy helps me not think about missing you ... but it’s not really working because you’re always there on my mind ...

I went to the butcher today ... where I get you your big bone ever week ... they saw my sad face and asked what was wrong ... I cried and told them you were no longer here ... they cried too.

Tonight cooking dinner I cried because I kept wanting to give you the offcuts of the beef steak I was cutting up ... I felt like you were there just under my feet where you always stood when I was in the kitchen ... I had to throw it in the bin ... I knew that you would be looking at that thinking what a waste ...

I hope you have an endless supply of beef chuck there ♥️

I miss you.

Love your Mama x


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