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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

thought of going on a big adventure but 'life' commitments hold you back ...

or perhaps you are like me, a Mum, a wife and have family commitments and only dream of leaving your family for an extended amount of time to go off and doing something just for you ...

I have been married for 29 years, my son is 21. I have never done anything like this before. The longest I have left my family for is a week, last year I flew to the Gold Coast, hired a car (convertible mini just so you get the picture) and drove to Noosa to visit a friend, then back down to Byron for a few days. I often reminisce this trip and how much fun I had driving down the highway with the wind literally blowing in my hair and feeling very 'free' belting out my best ballads.

I love being outdoors, I love adventures, road trips, beach, sunshine, camping, taking photos and most of all I love dogs. These are things that define me, Helen.

Us Mum's we take our jobs seriously and without sounding cliche, our jobs never end, no matter what age your children are or how long you have been married. Many of us struggle to put ourselves first, to take that time out and chase our dreams because we feel guilty for leaving our family and doing things just for us.

We always say 'I'll do that one day' but generally one day never comes.

I'm about to scrap that all as I prepare for a trip I have been dreaming about.

A dream I am turning into a reality.

A trip where its just me and my Labrador George.

A trip where we have no agenda, we eat what we want when we want (well that's me not George). Each day all I have to worry about is .... what beach we will visit next and whether its dog friendly ?

We don't have to cook dinner and vacuum do the household washing, iron, mop the floors and wonder where did the day go ...

It seems to good to be true but its happening ... I leave on the 22 Jan and will be travelling the East Coast, Byron bound for about 6 weeks ... Yes ... 6 weeks

Feel free to join our ride as we live out my dream of living my best life, one beach at a time.


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