• Helen

Happy Birthday Baby

My Darling George …

Today you would have been turning 4.

From your 1st Birthday we created a yearly ritual by going to McDonalds drive through together to get you an ice cream.

You would sit in the front seat of the car wearing your party hat all the way there and you would eagerly await your special treat. I would sing Happy Birthday to you and you would devour that ice cream in a few gulps whilst I laughed and squealed hoping it wouldn't go everywhere.

I never ever ever imagined we would not be together today. There were so many more birthdays that should have been shared together.

In one breathe I feel like saying how unfair this was, to me, to us, for this to have happened. But instead I'm trying to remember the short incredible time we spent together and be grateful for everything we did together and the strong love we had for each other.

We made so many memories, especially this year on our amazing trip together. These memories I will cherish forever.

Today, I will remember you, us and our special love and bond and the past Birthdays we got to celebrate.

I will re watch our videos of your Birthday and I will smile loving you always.

I miss you more than words can say. I wish you were here.

Forever my Goodest Boy, I love you Georgie, Happy Birthday Baby.

Mama x


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