• Helen

Fingal Bay

I had a good nights sleep, woke up, checked my phone and it was (or so I thought) 6.14am.

We got up, packed the car and headed out.

I figured we would be at our destination by approximately 8.30am, just in time for Breakfast !

Fingal Bay is a little coastal town on the Central Coast, just moments up the road from Port Stephens.

I was looking forward to visiting as it was a new spot for us to explore.

But lets rewind the story just for a moment .... and let me tell you what time it really was when I woke up !

I drove out of the Motel and pulled over to the side of the road to enter in my destination details for my next stop. The navigation tells me I will be there at 6.30am ...

Hang on a minute, that can't be right I think to myself !

I look at the time and its 4.30am !

Surely NOT !

Has the clock in my car had a glitch ??

I grab my phone to double check ... sure enough it is 4.30am ! And I'm about to start my next trip !

I can not believe it !

Clearly I thought I saw 6.14am on my phone but it was not !

I'm wide awake, good to go so off we go !

All of a sudden we have an unexpected visitor just drop from my sun visor !

Why do they do they have to surprise us like that ?!!

Lucky I am not that afraid of spiders, so I was able to pull over in a calm and collective manner !

If it were a mouse ... we would have had a problem !!!

So we arrived in Fingal Bay !

This is Fingal Bay on a good day.

We did not have a good day, but that's ok as I am planning to go back with Pete.

We arrived in time for breakfast (out the back of the car style) and met the cutest Black Labrador, Doug.

We explored the area, unfortunately the beaches around here are not dog friendly.

We set up camp and battened down as a storm was coming.

We are camping with the Oztent RV3 Plus, 30 second tent.

It really is so easy to use.

We spent some time exploring Port Stephens and had some of the best seafood for lunch and dinner.


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