• Helen

Dear George

Firstly, I want to start with I miss you, but I think you know that.

Yesterday what remains of your physical body came home. I was home alone. It is hard to comprehend that this my reality, life without you.

I have cried every day since you left. Every. Single. Day.

I am learning to live with this but its not easy. I know life needs to go forward but you were so much of my life.

Tomorrow we bring home a new puppy. He is a chocolate Labrador just like you and we have named him Beau.

I'm nervous to bring him home because he is not you and I'm scared I won't like him because he's not you. But Dad says that won't happen because he will bring a new life into our home, not yours, not Byron's or Geoffery's, his own, and it will create a new path for us in which we must live. We will love him and care for him like we have for all of our dogs.

Although our path with you ended on earth, I will carry your soul in my heart forever. We had something special boy, something that can never be taken and something no-one will ever understand but us. Our memories will never die. We made some incredible memories, how lucky I was to take that trip with you. Those places we visited, those experiences etched into my memories and I get to have them forever. Some of the best memories of my life.

Please guide Beau and tell him to go easy with me, maybe he will help me. I wonder whether he will be a good boy just like you were, but I don't think anyone can ever be the Goodest Boy, only you.

I had this pendant made, they took your paw print and put it on this, I will wear it everyday.

I love you baby.


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