• Helen

Day 5 - Hello Central Coast

I was up early today and we hit the road by 6am !

I love this way of traveling as I am only really driving no more than 3hrs a day, so this gives me space and I generally get to my location before lunchtime and get to relax or explore the area.

It’s lovely watching the sunrise as you drive, its so peaceful.

We made a brief stop in Gorgeous little town Berry, it was early so we could not explore it. We will make a point of stopping here on the way home.

We arrived on the Central Coast (Gosford), headed to Terrigal to suss out the beach situation, it was scorching hot (37 degrees) and the beaches were packed (Australia Day), conditions not suitable for us !

We headed back to our Hotel for the day, I repacked my car and did some internal housekeeping that needed to be done and just chilled out for out time here.


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