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Jervis Bay Region

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

So if you are following on from my previous post, you will know that I arrived in Vincentia NSW ... on the hunt for a bed ...

It turns out I couldn’t find one and I had to resort to sleeping in my car.

I have NEVER slept in my car ... ever.

I am officially a Hobo.

I found a group of young girls all in their vans, and I asked them if they were spending the night there.

They were (phew), I parked near them and knew I was safe.

My car is packed with camping gear and in order for me to sleep in the back I need to pull everything out. This is ok, if I am legally camping somewhere but not if I’m on a side of a road trying to be inconspicuous. So I decided to sleep in the drivers seat.

Who was I kidding.

I basically didn’t sleep and at 2am decided to pull everything out of my car and climb into the back of it and try and get SOME sleep.

I didn’t sleep and before I knew it the sun was rising.

I packed my car up and went exploring the beaches and anything else on offer.

I found this little gem, Blenheim beach - it was not dog friendly so I could only admire it from afar.

We visited the famous Hyams Beach, known for its whitest of sands ...

We arrived at 6am, the car park was full and it was as crowded as a busy Summers day ... at 6am

We watched the sun come up, played ball and went on to find something to eat.

The thing I found strange about this place was that there was not really much on offer in terms of food or dining.

There was 1 cafe that serviced two beautiful beaches and crowds to match.

Chinamans Beach ... just up the road from Hyams Beach ... Stunning hey ?!!

I was booked into a Motel for the next two nights however could not check in until 2pm.

Remember, I had slept in my car (well not slept) so I was starting to feel a little fragile and somewhat delirious ... I drove around looking for options to eat which were very slim !

I also found my place of accommodation in an area called Sanctury Point was in an area that I probably would not classify as ‘safe’.

I obviously didn’t know this when I booked but given I had no other option, I had to take it.

As I drove around exploring what was on offer (and witnessed a drug deal) I decided 1 night would be enough and I would swiftly move on the next morning.

I fell asleep at 8pm and woke at 5am ... packed up and got the hell out of there !


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