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South Coast, New South Wales

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This trip was predominately camping, with a few dog friendly Motel stops (as required) once I get to Byron I have a studio set up that I will be settled for the month of Feb.

Today I was driving to Kioloa Beach ... its at the start of the NSW South Coast and given the time of year (Australia Day long weekend) I really had to take what I could get in terms of stops along these coming days.

I arrived to my next destination ... it was 36 degrees, an overcrowded caravan park that sat in a dust bowl with a colorful mix of people.

It didn’t sit right with me and I drove out as fast as I drove in ...

I went on the hunt for another option ...

I drove up the road and found another place, equally as congested, still as hot but this also had many kangaroos and a goanna that was big enough to eat a small child ...

I have a fear of Kangroos, it comes from my Year 6 camp ... we went to Halls Gap and got out to “feed the kangaroos“ ... one of my classmates was attacked by one and I horridly have it etched into my memory ... the Roo grabbed her around her neck and balanced on his tail as he relentlessly kicked her in her stomach, all whilst choking her ... it was intense, she was ok and somehow they managed to get it off her. I’ll never forget it nor will I ever feed a Kangaroo or go near one !

So needless to say, this place wasn’t sitting well with me either.

I was now stuck ... and I made the decision to take a chance and drive on to my next destination and try and find something with the worse case scenario being sleeping in my car ... thinking surely that won’t happen.

I drove onto the Jervis Bay region as I wanted to explore the many stunning beaches this I place had to offer ...

I’ll tell you all about it in my next post !!


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