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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I am going to break the past few days into a few different posts - I had a few things to juggle and poor WiFi ...

So last you heard, we had settled into Mingling Waters ... we set up and all was well ... until George got sick

I think he had some bad water and it brought on diarrhea ... BIG TIME ... it got worse, it went on through the night, every hour I had to get up and take him out and once there was nothing left, he started passing blood. I was scared.

Here’s me, a few hours from home, first night into my trip and this happens. I don’t know where the local vet is and there is not an emergency one (like I have 5 minutes from my own home). I didnt sleep well given the circumstances and then started my head ... maybe just go home, he could get worse and you’ll need to take him to the vet, maybe this is all a sign that I should not be doing this ... the thoughts went on ...

The next morning, he seemed well in spirits and was drinking and eating but I was worried about him dehydrating because it had got that bad and the next few days were going to be warm.

I pulled myself together and decided that I would travel to our next stop, Eden, it was only a 2hr drive that day so once we got there I could assess him and take him to a vet if needed.

As we drove into Eden, I noticed a sign to a lookout, I took a quick right turn headed to what I thought was a lookout, I drove past a little side road and as I took a glimpse I saw water. I stopped, reversed and the rest was history ...

I accidentally found this little cove, parked my car, popped the boot, made some lunch, then walked 5 steps onto sand and a beautiful little spot (which was dog friendly).

All it takes is an accidental turn and you can find a hidden gem !!

George was fine, and couldn’t get into the water quick enough.

All of my worries disappeared and the holiday had officially commenced !

We checked into our Caravan Park, The Garden of Eden, it was a lush little set up. It backed onto a lake with a boardwork which took you to another beach.

All amenities were clean and comfortable and they even had a dog wash tub !!

I set up camp and we settled in.

Once we were set up, we headed back to the secret spot and spent some more time there because it really was so beautiful.

Eden, you were fab !


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