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Comfort Zones

I have recently had a few moments of 'maybe I shouldn't go' ... the NSW border closures and the possibility of me going and not being able to come home when I wanted to ... this scared me ... but was I using it as an excuse not to go and get uncomfortable, to stay within my comfort zone ...

When the borders closed I cancelled my trip ... and decided it was too risky ... within the week I regrouped, and rebooked ... I'm so glad I did ... in that time I also had the encouragement from my husband to go and to not put my life on hold with this whole covid thing ... the reality is we have to learn to live with this and adapt with every curve ball this throws at us.

I also have to learn to get uncomfortable and know (trust) that I will be ok and that I can do things that I think I can't ... I feel this will be a big lesson for me as it is a weakness of mine ...

Recently I have had several people (Mum's in particular) tell me how inspiring I am to them for doing this ... I laugh (and squirm a little inside) thinking 'well I haven't done it yet' lol ... I don't see myself as an inspiration in any way ... I'm just a Mum, breaking free for a while and doing something out of the ordinary and I'm shit scared of doing it as much as I'm so incredibly excited about doing it !

I'm 2 days away from leaving ... I'm almost packed, I have a few last minute things to do (including finishing the big list for the boys)

I am so grateful for this opportunity and would not be doing it without the complete encouragement and support of my amazing husband. He puts up with my craziness, wild ideas, overthinking and everything else that comes with being Helen ... with that he always has my back, encourages, supports and believes in me, more than I do myself. He lets me be me and never ever holds me back. Perhaps that's the secret to our 33 year relationship.

Without sounding corny ... you really are the wind beneath my wings babe, thank you for always encouraging me to do the things that I think I can't.

Please don't eat take out every night !


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